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Fuzhou Head Office: 2nd Floor, No. 873, Fuma Road,

Jinan District, Fuzhou
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Quanzhou Office Address: Xindian Hang West, Chidian Town,

Jinjiang City (opposite to the police station)
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The company possesses large quantities of professional service talents, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, equipment maintenance engineers, sales personnel, and reception talents, so as to provide thoughtful and rapid pre-sale, selling, and after-sale services.
A. Pre-sale services: technical consultation services and budget planning of factories and water and electrical equipment.
B. Selling services: training on machine’s application and maintenance knowledge, machine installation, and debugging services.
C. After-sale services: supply of spare parts, equipment maintenance in or out of warranty period, scheduled maintenance of machine, and diagnosis and design of injection molding technology.
After you purchase the company’s products: within one year (namely within the warranty period of the complete machine), the company will serve customers for free at any time within 24h (excluding human factors).
After the warranty period: when the machine breaks down, the company will assign maintainers to provide door-to-door services for free of technical fees, but the company may charge for accessories if any. (As for customers outside the downtown, the company may charge for travel)
Service hotline:0591-83653890
Complaints hotline:0591-83646885 86903888


Fuzhou House's Plastic Machinery

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Add:2nd Floor, No. 873, Fuma Road,

Jinan District, Fuzhou